Bedtime Reminder Wall Decal


When we designed this exclusive, handmade wall decal, we chose the phrase “Always kiss me goodnight.” It’s short and sweet, and it’s something you’d want your own loved one to say before bed. Plus, it looked a lot nicer than, “Stop snoring and quit hogging all the blankets.”

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Product Description

•Customize the decal set by choosing a color to match your interior space
•Easy to apply
•Easy to remove with no residue (not reusable)
•Made in the USA
•Designed and assembled in California, USA

This wall decal includes:

1 x Practice Decal
1 x Step-by-Step Instruction Guide
1 x Bedtime Reminder Wall Decal Set

All of our wall decals are made from high quality vinyl film that is made in the USA. The vinyl we use is beautiful matte vinyl, which looks like paint when applied to the wall. The vinyl is removable and won’t damage your wall or leave any residue after removal. Wall decals are not recommended for textured walls. Wall decals adhere best to smooth and untextured walls, but they may adhere to lightly textured walls. To ensure that a wall decal will stick well to your wall, ask us about purchasing a sample wall decal.


Wall decals do not stick well to washable, stain-resistant, zero VOC/VOC-free, and any eco-friendly or “green” paint. Ensure that your walls are clean and completely dry before applying decals.